China Continues To Scare India With Military Videos; Indian Army Says Territorial Integrity Non-Negotiable

The border dispute between India and China has entered the eleventh week and top Indian Army commanders are expected to meet their Chinese counterparts for the fifth round of talks, sometime next week.

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While the disengagement process between the Indian Army and Chinese PLA soldiers is being discussed, Chinese state media continues to tweet propaganda videos to display its military might. According to experts, the videos are meant to create psychological pressure on the opponent which for now is directed towards India.

Meanwhile, the Indian Army’s Northern Commander Lt Gen Y. K. Joshi, who is responsible for the defence of Eastern Ladakh stated that while negotiations with China are going-on to resolve the conflict, the “territorial integrity” of the country is non-negotiable and “we remain prepared at all times for any eventuality”.

Our ongoing military engagement with the Chinese troops is to diffuse the conflict. There are certain commitments needed from the two sides which are crucial for the process to move ahead constructively and deliver the results that are desirable – Lt Gen Yoshi told a news channel.

There are several factors though such as territorial integrity of the nation that are not negotiable and therefore there is no question of compromising there. While we are investing sincerely in this ongoing effort to bring about peace along the border, we also remain ready for any eventuality – he said.

On how long he perceives the border standoff with China will last, Joshi said –  It is a hypothetical question. What I can tell you is that we shall continue all attempts to restore the status quo along the LAC.

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With China looking to stand its ground firm and India pushing for Chinese withdrawal, both nations will now be involved in the fifth round of border talks which could be held next week according to media reports.