China Confirms PLA Soldiers Were Killed In Galwan Valley Clash; Claims India Suffered More

China has finally admitted that its soldiers indeed suffered casualties in the barbaric India-China border clash in Galwan Valley. The Chinese State Media on Thursday (September 17) however said that PLA suffered “far fewer” casualties than the Indian side.

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This is according to the editor of Global Times, a daily newspaper under the auspices of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), who comments have now confirmed that the Chinese PLA troops indeed suffered casualties in the gruesome border clash.

“According to the information from people familiar with the situation from the Chinese side, the number of Chinese soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the conflict was far less than the number of India’s,” said Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of Global Times, while writing an editorial for the publication.


The word from China comes as a retaliatory statement to the remarks made by Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday, who while addressing the second-day Monsoon Session of the Parliament in the Lok Sabha, said that Indian soldiers inflicted heavy damage to the Chinese side in June’s border clash.

     “They (Indian troops) also sent a very strong message by imposing heavy casualties on the Chinese PLA.” Singh said.

Hu also took to Twitter to share his views while adding a screenshot, stamped “fake news”, of the Indian media report which had Singh speaking on the incident.

“As far as I know, the death toll of Chinese troops in the Galwan Valley clash on June 15 is far fewer than the 20 deaths of Indian troops. No Chinese soldiers was (were) captured by Indian troops, but PLA captured many Indian soldiers that day.” Tweeted Hu.

The Galwan Valley skirmish is considered to be the worst clash between the two sides in over 40 years, with the Indian side confirming the loss of lives of at least 20 soldiers, with the Chinese side not confirming any casualties on their side.

Recently, after rounds of unsuccessful diplomatic meetings to diffuse tensions, Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar and his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi finally came to a five-point consensus, which involved the disengagement of troops from both sides.

However, things have not really cooled down. China’s state media has consistenly issued threats saying India has “crossed all lines”, “it is standing clumsily on the edge of a cliff”, “Indian army is not even a worthy opponent of the PLA” and thereby urged it to either withdraw troops “unconditionally” or be ready to get “wiped out”.