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Will India Accept Chinese Bullet Train Proposal Connecting Kolkata to Kunming?

Will India agree to connect Kolkata to Kunming by China funded Bullet Train? Talks are doing rounds that China is planning to propose a bullet train project that will provide service till India and vice versa. This high-speed rail is being said to connect Kunming in China and Kolkata in India and if the project comes true, the travel time between two countries will be a matter of just a few hours.

If the project come true, people from both the countries will be able to travel via the bullet train and enhance people to people contact. Chinese Consul-General Ma Zhanwu had recently shared they are proposing the idea to start bullet train services in its neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Myanmar, and India.

A press conference was held in Kolkata where Ma said if there is a joint effort between two countries, it will be possible to set up high-speed rail link. This will connect Kolkata with Kunming and people will be able to travel between two cities within a few hours. He also said that Kunming-Kolkata high-speed rail link will help neighbouring countries too as Bangladesh and Myanmar will benefit from this project.

The Chinese Consul-General also added that several industries could be developed along the route as well. The economic development of countries participating in the project can also get benefited. This entire project will be around 2,800 kilometres long.

The Chinese diplomat shared the optimism that this project will help in enhancing trade flow between Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar (BCIM) nations. He also informed that China is focusing to bring back the Silk Route via increasing connectivity between Kolkata and Kunming.

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