Why is PM Scott Morrison a Bad News for China-Australia Relations?

Australia elected a new Prime Minister but that’s not a good news for China-Australia relations. Scott Morrison, the treasurer of the Liberal Party and he won a three-way leadership battle as the incumbent Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull decided not to contest the party ballot. But why is the elevation of Scott Morrison a bad new for China-Australia Relations?

Why is PM Morrison Not favour of China?

As reported by South China Morning Post, Morrison was responsible for the introduction of the new interference laws in 2018 which strained China-Australia relations. As a key policymaker in the Turnbull government, he also barred China from investing in national security on protectionist grounds. On Thursday during his brief stint as the acting home minister also announced that Australia will interdict Chinese telecom company Huawei from Australia’s 5G network. Given all this, it is no rocket science to understand that under Morrison who belongs to the conservative wing there would only be little hope for China-Australia relations.

Scott Morrison Defeated Two Opponents

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, former home affairs minister Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison were the three contenders for the top post in Australia’s political scenario. Ultimately treasurer Scott Morrison won the battle to take the highest office at Canberra.
The Liberal Party which is the senior party in the ruling conservative coalition will face an election by May 2019. The ruling party has consistently trailed the opposition Labor party in almost all opinion polls.
Turnbull assumed office on September 15, 2015, as the 29th Prime Minister of Australia to succeed Tony Abbot. He was the Minister for communications between 2013 and 2015 in the Tony Abbot government. He also remained the leader of opposition in the Australian Parliament between 2008 and 2009.