China’s 1st Domestically Built Aircraft Carrier Set For Trials; Ready to Counter US, India

The Type 001A aircraft carrier is China’s first domestically built carrier. After successful production, the aircraft carrier is now ready for the next phase of sea trials. The aircraft carrier is expected to resolve the Taiwan issue and is touted to be of high capabilities.

Pictures from the Liaoning Province of China, which houses the Dalian Shipbuilding Co. show that scaffolds have been removed from the newly built carrier, with a radar installed too. As reported in the Global Times, the Chairman of DSIC stated:

“All the equipment and devices on the carrier are in the joint debugging stage, and the main engine has been powered. In 2018, we will present a surprise to the Chinese people”

The Aircraft Carrier Expected to be Enlisted in the Navy This Year

A naval expert also said that the Type 001A carrier is getting ready for sea trials and weather and sea conditions are to be monitored to know the exact trial time. The sea trials last for 6-12 months, after which the advanced aircraft carrier will be ready to be delivered to the PLA navy. If everything goes as planned, the aircraft carrier should be enlisted in the navy by the end of this year. The final name of the carrier has not yet been decided, however, the name ‘Wei Wen’ has been proposed to represent the history of Taiwan and China.

The Aircraft Carrier has a ‘Greater Purpose’

The naming of the carrier has become a matter of debates and discussions, spreading across social media channels too. Many have suggested the carrier could simply be named ‘Taiwan’. However, a military expert stated that the aircraft carrier is not targeting Taiwan alone and has been built for a ‘greater purpose’. The expert further said that the Chinese navy is capable of taking care of the Taiwan issue even without the new carrier.

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Does the aircraft carrier Fuel the India-China tensions?

The India-China rising tensions have gripped the nation, as both superpowers are strengthening their military fleets and forces. With both India and China expanding their military bases, claiming power over the Indian Ocean and strengthening ties with other Asian countries, this aircraft carrier is a big step for the Chinese navy. Rising tensions in the Indian Ocean has already led to India working towards making its naval forces stronger. From land borders, the India-China tensions have now spread to the waters.

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