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Can Eating Chicken Nuggets Really Cause Cancer?

Who would have ever imagined that consuming chicken nuggets can cause cancer? With rising medical expertise and advanced medical researchers, newer causes and risks of cancer have come to light. So, how do ultra-processed foods like chicken nuggets cause cancer?

A new study published in the British Medical Journal has revealed that consuming an excessive quantity of highly processed foods shows a proportionate connection with the risk of cancer. The research team at Universite Sorbonne, Paris, France took the medical records and eating habits of over 100,0000 adults in consideration for the research. The records taken into account registered the intake of 3,300 different food items including ultra-processed foods like cakes, chicken nuggets, fizzy drinks, bread, processed meat and confectionery. Besides high levels of salt, fat and sugar, the food items also contained additives, preservatives, and flavourings.

Processed Foods May Cause Cancer

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Published in the British Medical Journal, the results of the research indicated that a 10 percent increase in the consumption of ultra-processed foods showed links with a 12 percent rise in cancer. Medical practitioners across the globe have expressed concerns following the research and have started stressing on the need of a healthy and balanced diet. The study showed that an average person’s diet in many of the developed nations showed around 50 percent domination by processed foods.

Processed Foods like Ketchup’s, Sauces and other foods that contain Presveratives can be determintal to a persons health. Always eat Freshly prepared Food to Stay Healthy: Dr Jawahar Ticku – Cancer Specialist, new delhi

The study further adds that the consumption of such a diet has shown its links with cancerous development in the human body. The researchers said the study shows that the coming decades may be burdened with a shocking rise in the disease caused by consumption of ultra-processed foods.

Being Overweight, 2nd Biggest Preventable Cause of Cancer

The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) and International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) say that after smoking, being overweight is the second biggest preventable cause of cancer. A prevention expert from UK’s Cancer Research organization, Linda Bauld, has said that there is no cause for concern yet about consuming a bit of processed food. She said the research only shows the risk of cancer from consuming too little fruits and vegetables and fibre and too much of red meat and processed food items. Avoiding junk food and maintaining a balanced diet along with regulating the weight, she says, can help in maintaining an overall disease-free lifestyle.

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Researchers say that there isn’t confirming proof yet about what exactly could be the cause behind the link between cancer and consumption of processed food. They added that the study has to be given more thought and confirmation for the same has to be done on a large scale establish its authenticity.

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