Saturday, April 13, 2024


Has China Really Withdrawn Soldiers From Galwan Valley – Chinese FM Responds

As per reports in India, China’s PLA troops were withdrawing from Galwan Valley and were seen removing tents and structures, sources said in New Delhi, adding the backward movement of vehicles of Chinese troops was seen in the general area of Galwan and Gogra Hot Springs.

Indian Hotel Association Issues ‘Blanket Ban’ On Chinese Tourists

The India-China border clash has also encouraged boycotts of Chinese products in India which is set to impact the economy. This comes at a time when the hospitality sector is already reeling from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Russia Pressurized China To Release Indian Soldiers, End Border Conflict With India

"Russia played a low-key, but useful role in reducing India-China tensions after the June 15 episode. The capture of the Indian army men had cast a shadow on the Russia-India-China meet, with New Delhi finding it difficult to attend the meet, under those circumstances," said a source.

India, China Agree To Withdraw Troops From LAC; The Question Is Who Will Pull-Out First?

India, China have agreed to withdraw their frontline soldiers from the Line of Actual Control after elongated discussions between Indian NSA Ajit Doval and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Experts have questioned - who will withdraw first - Indian or Chinese soldiers?

Pakistan Undoubtedly The Biggest Beneficiary Of India-China Military Stand-Off – Experts

India-China military standoff.: Exploiting India's vulnerabilities is an essential element of China's "contain India" policy". Experts believe that Pakistan has been undoubtedly the largest beneficiary of the indo-Sino conflict.