Can India Replace The US As Australia’s Defence Partner To Counter China In The Indo-Pacific Region?

The defence strategy of Washington seems to be going through an unprecedented crisis with respect to the Indo-Pacific Region. Experts feel that for its security in the Indo-Pacific against an aggressive China, Australia must now begin to seriously look at India and Japan as vital allies.

Australia Keen To Partner With India, Indonesia To Counter Aggressive China

As reported by The Guardian, a new report from the United States Studies Centre has warned that the US military is ill-prepared to go to war with a treacherous China in the Indo-Pacific region. The report named ‘Averting Crisis’ calls the defence strategy of the US in Indo-Pacific as being in the misery of an unprecedented crisis.

How China is growing more capable than the US

While the US is facing issues of limited defence resources at its disposal, China is growing taller in military stature than ever before. China is investing heavily in advanced military systems while the US military has been overstretched having fought wars relentlessly in the Middle East for more than two decades.

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Moreover, the US faces the brunt of global commitments and ageing equipment which isn’t the case with China. So, to ensure its interests in the Indo-Pacific, experts now believe that Australia should now strike deeper cooperation with India and Japan to counter China.

Growing deficits hurt the US military

The US military finds itself caught in rising public debt and growing deficits even if it continues to spend extensively on its military. The US spends as much as on defence as the next eight national largest defence budgets combined. The US has been more about spending on what’s urgent rather than spending on what’s important.

What does India offer to Australia in Indo-Pacific?

Even Australia agrees that India’s global position as a military and economic power has risen by leaps and bounds. To counter China and Pakistan and also to emerge as a regional superpower, India too is extensively investing on modernising its armed forces.

US Keeps China Out of Indo-Pacific Region with $300 Million Master Stroke

What encourages this narrative is Narendra Modi’s policy of prioritising national security and building deeper cooperation with allies. Can India and Japan together replace the reliance of Australia on the US?