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Mexico will not pay for any Border Wall

Who is going to pay for Mexico Border Wall? The Mexican government is not going to finance the construction of the border wall with the United States, as proposed by US President Donald Trump. The corresponding statement was posted recently on the website of the country’s Foreign Ministry.

“As always stressed by the Mexican government, our country will under no circumstances pay for the construction of so called Mexico Border Wall or any other physical barrier along the United States and the Mexican border.” This position is not Mexico’s negotiating strategy, it meets the principle of sovereignty and national dignity, “says in the message.

Earlier on Sunday, Trump called Mexico a country with “one of the highest crime rates” and again recalled the need to erect a border wall. Building a barrier on the border with Mexico is one of Trump’s key campaign promises. The decree on the creation of the wall was signed by Trump on 25 January, its length should be more than 3 thousand kms. The American leader has repeatedly stated that Mexico must pay for the construction of the border wall. Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, in turn, pointed out that his country would not finance the erection of the barrier or border wall.

Construction of Border Wall between US-Mexico

In January 2017, the US president, as promised, ordered the construction of the Mexico Border Wall. According to the president’s plan, it will take about 1000 miles of the border, thereby closing the gaps that remained after the similar project of George W. Bush. In total, the border between the two countries has a length of about 3100 kilometres and passes through a wide variety of landscapes, including inaccessible rocks and rivers, which are planned to be used as natural barriers. In addition to the complex construction of Mexico Border Wall, Trump’s plan also includes land purchase, construction of access roads and other infrastructure. The wall will also have to be strengthened with patrols, sensors and other means of observation.

The decision to build the barriers was condemned not only by the Mexican authorities, who hastened to declare, that they are not going to pay for any wall. Liberal media in the US also smashed Trump’s plan, and at the headquarters of the Democratic Party pointed out that the construction of the wall is contrary to American values. Against the wall at the border were environmentalists, who believe that fences are harmful to the environment, destroying vegetation and interfering with the natural migration of animals. The project also has legal “reefs”: an agreement between Mexico and the United States of 1889 prohibits any obstruction to the free flow of the Rio Grande, along which the border passes. The wall will have to be built away from the changing riverbed, and, accordingly, far enough from the actual border. As a result, some Americans living on the border risk being in a neutral area outside the fence.

What will the “Trump Wall” or US-Border Wall be like is not yet possible to say: will this be a real wall or a system of various structures equipped with security sensors. If Trump wants to make a concrete wall (similar to the Berlin one), he will need 350 million cubic feet of cement – this is three times more than went to the famous Hoover Dam.

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