Bollywood Star – Kanika Kapoor Becomes A New Head-Ache For Lucknow Hospital

Bollywood star – Kanika Kapoor grabbed all the media attention a few days back after it was discovered that she was infected with coronavirus and continued to attend parties and meet prominent personalities.

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Kanika Kapoor was later admitted to Lucknow’s Sanjay Gandhi PGI Hospital, but a day later the situation turned awkward as a press release was issued by the hospital appealing for her cooperation.

In a press release issued by SGPGI Hospital: “Kanika Kapoor has been provided with the best that is possible in a hospital. She must co-operate as a patient and not throw tantrums of a star,” Director RK Dhiman said. He added that Kanika Kapoor must co-operate with the hospital “to help herself”.

“She is being provided Gluten-Free Diet from the Hospital Kitchen. The facility provided to her is an isolated room with a toilet, patient-bed, and a television. The ventilation of her room is air-conditioned with a separate Air Handling Unit (AHU) for the Covid-19 unit,” the statement read.

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Singer Kanika Kapoor became the first Bollywood celebrity to test positive for coronavirus in the country. There were reports that the singer landed in Lucknow from the UK in mid-March.

Kanika Kapoor, in a conversation with a news website, reportedly alleged that she is being treated like a criminal in PGI. They said that the room where they are is dirty and full of mosquitoes. Kanika alleged that when she requested to clean the room, their answer is that it is a hospital, not a five-star hotel.

In this case, an attempt was made to talk to Kanika’s family too, but the conversation could not be possible. At the same time, these allegations by Kanika Kapoor started becoming viral on social media as well.

It is believed that for this reason, PGI had to issue a clarification. A senior PGI doctor said on the condition of anonymity that many ‘big’ people are also putting unnecessary pressure on the hospital and doctors to give special facilities to Kanika.

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Meanwhile, an FIR was also lodged against Kanika late Friday night on charges of negligence and hiding information. According to Lucknow Police Commissioner Sujit Pandey, an FIR has been registered against Kanika Kapoor at Sarojini Nagar police station in two other sections including Section 269 (spreading infection of dangerous disease) of the IPC. This FIR has been registered on the complaint of the Chief Medical Officer of Lucknow.

However, Kanika, while clarifying the matter on social media, said that she had gone through the regular procedure at the airport and when she showed signs of illness, she herself underwent the test and kept herself in isolation along with the family.