Barbaric US Sanctions Could Kill Tens of Thousands Of People In Iran Due To Coronavirus

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has urged the US public to convince the Trump administration to change its hostile policies towards Iran including the removal of harsh sanctions, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, which has engulfed the country.

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“In the name of justice and humanity, I address your conscience and Godly souls, and call upon you to make your Administration and Congress see that the path of sanctions and pressure has never been successful and will never be so in the future,” Rouhani said in an open letter to the people of America, posted on his official website.

“The victims of the virus and the sanctions are ordinary Iranians from all walks of life and not the political elite,” he continued. He further said – “under a ‘pandemic’ situation, Tehran, Paris, London and Washington are not far apart.”

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“Any hostile actor seeking to undermine Iran’s health system and restricting the needed financial resources to tackle the crisis will undermine the fight against the ‘pandemic’ all over the world,” he added.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said the policy of maximum pressure hinders the country’s attempts to restrain the pandemic and de-facto kills citizens of the country. “US administration gleefully takes pride in killing Iranians citizens on Nowruz – our New Year,” Zarif tweeted Twitter. “The White House takes its ‘maximum pressure’ to a new level of inhumanity with its utter contempt for human life.”

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“Iran to US: Your policy will live in infamy. But Iran won’t break,” he added.

Zarif reportedly also had a phone conversation with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, in which the UN chief reaffirmed the need to have US sanctions on Iran lifted. “In the conversation, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressed solidarity and sympathy with the Iranian nation, and emphasised the need for the expulsion of the US sanctions against Tehran for the fight against coronavirus,” the foreign ministry statement says.

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“Zarif, for his part, welcomed the position adopted and the assistance provided by the institutions affiliated with the UN, and highlighted the need to end the inhumane, barbaric, illegal and unilateral sanctions the US has imposed against people of Iran,” it says.

Earlier, Zarif told Guterres that the UN should lift all sanctions because they impede the fight against the novel coronavirus. In response, Guterres called on all countries to provide support to Iran in the fight against the coronavirus.