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Black, Pakistani, Bangladeshi People Most Vulnerable To COVID-19: ONS Reports

Black people are more than four times more likely to succumb to COVID-19 than white people while Bangladeshi and Pakistani males were 1.8 times more likely to die from Coronavirus than white male counterparts, a new British report said on Thursday.

The Office of National Statistics found that the variation in the virus’s impact was provoked not only by pre-existing variations in communities’ wealth, health, education and living standards. It found that after taking into consideration including age, measures of self-reported health and disability and other socio-demographic aspects, black people were still almost twice as likely as white people to succumb to coronavirus.

Bangladeshi and Pakistani men were almost 1.8 times more prone to perish from coronavirus than white men and females from those ethnic minorities were 1.6 times more likely to perish from the virus than their white counterparts.

The prospect of coronavirus linked death for people from Chinese and mixed ethnic groups was determined to be comparable to that for white people. These outcomes demonstrate that the disparity between ethnic groups in coronavirus linked deaths is partially a result of socio-economic deprivation and other conditions, but a remaining part of the variation has not yet been explained,” the ONS said.

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