Biden Wins But Donald Trump Says ‘Election Is Far From Over’

US President-elect Joe Biden defeated incumbent Donald Trump Saturday, ending days of heated anticipation as poll officials tallied pivotal ballots.

Biden won the crucial state of Pennsylvania, and with it surpassed the necessary 270 Electoral College delegates needed to claim the White House, according to The Associated Press and other news organizations.

Biden now stands at 284 delegates, even as the states of Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada, and Alaska remain outstanding several days after Tuesday’s presidential election.

His victory makes Trump the first single-term president in nearly three decades. He has, however, vowed to pursue legal challenges to the vote totals in several states.

The win also makes history with Biden’s running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, now set to become the first woman to serve as US vice president, as well as the first Black person and the first person of Asian Indian heritage.