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Benjamin Netanyahu Slams Europe’s Double Standard

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the European countries of double standards and hypocrisy against Israel, which, according to him, does not accept the US decision to move the country’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but at the same time does not condemn missile strikes on Israeli territory. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this on Saturday before the forthcoming trip to Europe, where he will meet with the leaders of the EU countries.

“While I respect Europe, I’m not ready to accept the policy of double standards on its part,” Benjamin Netanyahu was quoted saying to The Times of Israel. “I hear opinions condemning the historic statement of US President Donald Trump, but I do not hear any condemnation of missile strikes against Israel, said PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Netanyahu added that he does not accept “this hypocrisy” and will represent Israel “with a high head” at a meeting with the leaders of the EU countries in Brussels.

On Wednesday, the US president, speaking at the White House, said that it was time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of a Jewish state. The head of the US administration instructed the State Department to begin preparations for the transfer of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. After Trump’s statement, rockets were launched towards Israeli terrority from the Gaza Strip.

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The status of Jerusalem is one of the key issues in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The Israelis occupied the eastern part of the city during the 1967 war. They insist that Jerusalem is the “single and indivisible” capital of Israel. The Palestinians want to make the eastern part of the city, the capital of their state.

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