BBC Continue Its Propaganda / Campaign Over Kashmir; Shows New Videos of Torture

The BBC is continuing its propaganda (as New Delhi calls it) or highlighting Indian atrocities (as per Pakistani claims) on the Kashmir issue. In a new video released by the BBC from Kashmir, the Indian Army has been accused of committing atrocities on the locals.

Jammu and Kashmir has been under the lockdown since the state’s special status was revoked on August 5. Massive numbers of security forces have been deployed in the region and most forms of communication have been suspended.

In the video, civilians accuse the Indian Army of beating and torturing them. One man even alleges that a member of the security forces pulled his beard and attempted to burn it before being stopped by his colleague. The identities of the civilians in the video have been withheld by the BBC.

The Army has denied the claims. In a statement that is also reported on the BBC website, army spokesperson Col Aman Anand said that is also reporting the Indian army said it had “not manhandled any civilians as alleged”. He told the BBC: “No specific allegations of this nature have been brought to our notice. These allegations are likely to have been motivated by inimical elements.”.

Anand told the channel that while steps had been taken to protect civilians, “there have been no injuries or casualties due to countermeasures undertaken by the army”.