DRDO Co-Developed Barak-8 Missiles Ready for Israeli Navy

The Israeli navy has rewarded a contract to deliver Barack-8 missiles and air defence missile systems for its Sa’ar corvettes to Isreali Aerospace Industries (IAI). Barack-8 missiles systems, which have been co-developed by the Indian DRDO will be used by the Israeli Navy to secure strategic facilities and exclusive economic zones across the country. 

The land and sea modules of the Barak-8 missiles systems will provide a comprehensive defence mechanism to Isreal enabling it to respond to all threats posed to the nation’s security. The Barack-8 missiles will also be developed to work with other systems of Isreal’s military might. The missiles are part of an exclusive club which is responsible for hosting Isreal’s most successful global military innovations and development.

Barack-8 is a highly capable air and missile defence system and will eliminate a wide range of threats to the marine arena from air, land and sea. It is highly capable of delivering broad aerial and point defence.

Barak-8 Missile Systems and DRDO Connection?

Barack-8 missiles are used by the Isreali Navy, Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force. The missiles systems integrate a number of innovative and modern systems such as digital radar, command and control, launchers, interceptors with modern radio seekers, Datalink and wide connectivity. The missiles have been developed by IAI together with DDR&D and India’s Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO)

The local industries in India too have a role to play in the development of the of the highly efficient Barack-8 missile systems which add immense power to capabilities of the defence forces of a nation or an alliance. India and Isreal have always enjoyed a close military and defence cooperation which has largely benefited both the nations.

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