India Preparing to Expel Millions of ” Illegal Bangladeshi Muslims” from Assam?

Around five million Illegal “Bangladesh Muslims” in the Indian state of Assam may soon become state-less, just like Rohingyas in Myanmar. The new citizen’s list could leave innumerable Illegal Bangladesh Muslims and refugees without a citizenship. Will India really be able to deport millions of Illegal Bangladesh Muslims from the eastern state of Assam?

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With almost 5 million people failing to submit supporting documents of families having lived there before 1971, many Bangladesh Muslims and refugees may soon be deported from Assam. The Assam Government is preparing the NRC, an official list of legal citizens and the preliminary list is soon to be published. This process is being carried out after nearly 6 decades and aims at finding and deport illegally staying Bangladesh Muslims and immigrants.

Critics Condemn the Deportation of Bangladesh Muslims

According to critics this documenting and deporting process is similar to the horrifying Rohingya issue plaguing Myanmar. Almost one-third of Assam’s population consists of Muslims. PM Modi’s nationalist BJP has taken it upon themselves to deport undocumented people who fail to enlist in the National Register of Citizens. While the Health and Finance Minister confirmed that immigrants and Bangladesh Muslims would be expelled, no statement was made as to where they will be sent. Police officials have been deployed to enhance the security measures before publishing the preliminary list.

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Bangladesh Muslims Vs Hindus

People of Bangladesh who follow Hinduism will, however, be allowed to continue staying in India. This is based on the federal policy to provide shelter to Hindus who have been ill-treated in their own country. Thus it becomes clear that this listing and deportation is only aimed at Bangladesh Muslims. Assam has been plagued with an anti-migrant feeling ever since a large number of Bangladesh Muslims and Hindus migrated to India in the 1970s. Many have also been killed in riots and numerous protests against immigrants have also been carried out. But is this an anti-migrant feeling or anti-Bangladesh Muslims?

The process of documentation is being checked by the Supreme court of India. The process needs to be completed by the 30th of June 2018.

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Local Politicians Support the Bangladesh Muslims Deportation

While the local politicians may be supporting and in favour of deporting undocumented people, the Home Minister of Bangladesh stated that he had no knowledge of any such plans. This leads critics to believe that this could lead to a situation similar to the Rohingya Minority issue.

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Will India really deport such a large number of people? Will almost 5 million people be homeless and state-less just because they could not prove their family tree? Is this an anti-religious based issue? There are many questions arising about the future of the Bangladesh Muslims and India’s decision. The Rohingya issue is still burning, can we handle another one?