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Baloch Liberation Army Claims Responsibility Of IED Blasts That Killed 6 Pakistan Army Troops

The Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has claimed the attack of Pakistan Army convoy while returning from Pakistan-Iran border. Six soldiers of the Pakistan Army were killed in the IED attack.

A statement by the Baloch Liberation Army read – The vehicle in the convoy was completely destroyed when it was hit by an IED installed by the BLA, resulting in eliminating six Pakistani Army personnel including an army major and injuring several others.

“The Pakistani Army has advanced operations in Tigran and other areas of Turbat over the past several days, attacking civilians, including harassing women and children,” said Baloch Liberation Army press release.

The Pakistan DG-ISPR, Pakistan tweeted: 1 officer, 5 soldiers embraced shahadat (martyrdom) as FC South #Balochistan vehicle was targeted with remote-controlled IED while returning from patrolling in Buleda, 14 km from Pak-Iran Border, to check possible routes used by terrorists in the mountainous terrain of Mekran. #OurMartyrsOurHeroes

Earlier, as EurAsian Times reported, Pakistan security forces were on regular patrolling to check possible routes used by rebels in the remote and tricky terrain of Mekran. As the FC South Balochistan troops were heading back to their base, reconnaissance vehicle of FC troops was targeted with remote-controlled IED.

Balochistan has become a massive source of insurgency in Pakistan. Over the past few years, numerous people including Pakistan army soldiers have lost their lives to terror attacks in the restive province and the Baloch Liberation Army (BPA) has emerged as a prominent player.

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