Investigate Australian Troops Massacre and Human Right Violations in Afghanistan: Russia

Have the Australian Troops committed Human Right Violation in Afghanistan? According to Tass, Russia has demanded an impartial probe by both Australian and Afghanistan authorities to investigate the Atrocities and Human Right Violations committed by Australian Troops in Afghanistan. This was stated by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

According to Russian Foreign Ministry, Moscow is well aware of “2016 secret defence force documents”, which recently became publicly accessible.” The report particularly hints towards Australian troops’ methodical, unlawful and illogical use of weapons, especially against civilians in Afghanistan.”

“In 2017, the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) reported startling report about the cold-blooded massacre committed by Australian troops in Afghanistan,” adding that “the firing at a young boy in Kandahar provoked the greatest outrage.”

“We condemn such deplorable behaviour by Australian troops in Afghanistan,” the Russian Foreign Ministry emphasized. “We call on Canberra and Kabul to lead an impartial and honest investigation into these offences committed by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan.”

The Australian SMH wrote that “some soldiers of Australia’s special forces allegedly committed heinous war crimes in Afghanistan with a complete lack of accountability and responsibility.

Meanwhile, as EurAsian Times reported earlier, the US has shown interest in holding peace talks with the Afghan Taliban. After Afghanistan announced a unilateral temporary ceasefire, the US said that it is willing to hold peace talks with the Afghan Taliban. Lisa Curtis, Deputy Assistant to the US President said that the United States of America is ready to participate in peace talks with Taliban. You can read the complete story, here

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