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Australian EA-18G Growler To Get Next-Gen Jammer System For ‘Electronic Warfare’

EA-18G Growler, one of the most advanced airborne electronic attack aircraft will be enhanced by a next-generation Jammer system. This upgradation will be carried out in collaboration with the United States. 

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Jammer system plays an important role in disrupting, deceiving, or denying a broad range of military electronic systems. This includes radars and other communications. The expansion program is built on Australia’s strong tradition of integration with the US Navy which gives it easy access to cutting-edge technology.

According to Minister for Defense, Senator the Hon Linda Reynolds CSC, “Australia entered an initial agreement in October 2017 to work with the US Navy to develop the Next Generation Jammer, which will supersede the current system,” Minister Reynolds said.

“We’ve now signed two new agreements to expand this partnership. The first includes production, sustainment and follow-on development of the ALQ-249(V)1 Next Generation Jammer – Mid Band which supports the introduction of advanced electronic jamming technology, and will ensure Australia’s Growler aircraft retain commonality with their US counterparts.

“The second agreement enables the development of the next variant, the Next Generation Jammer – Low Band. These systems will augment, and ultimately replace, most legacy ALQ-99 Tactical Jamming Systems currently used on the Growler.”

Growlers help in reducing the risk and improving any needed situational awareness. It can support a wide range of Defense missions, from peacetime evacuations to major conflicts. Therefore, a high-end jamming system almost becomes a necessity for Growlers.

What the Next Generation Jammer system will do is counter low-frequency adversary systems, increasing the possibility of survivability and the lethality of 4th and 5th generation platforms. It enables all-domain access by supporting electromagnetic spectrum dominance.

A rapidly growing domain, the development of jammer technology guarantees that these aircraft remain technologically ahead throughout their service life. EA-18G Growler supports AGM-88 Anti-Radiation Missiles, AIM-120 Air-to-air missiles

AIM-9X “Sidewinder” Short Range Air-to-Air Missile which makes the aircraft a royal amongst defence aircraft. Adding a next-generation jammer system will not only enhance its capability but also demand in the defence market. The creation of this jammer system is estimated to be completed by August of 2023.

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