Attack On Pakistan Would Be Your Last Mistake – Imran Khan To Narendra Modi

Pakistan PM Imran Khan again attacked Indian PM Narendra Modi and warned that if he dared to attack Pakistan it would be his ‘last mistake’.

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“Modi your first mistake on August 5 when you revoked the special status of Kashmir,” Khan said while addressing a rally in Mirpur in Pakistan-administered-Kashmir. “If you attack Pakistan and conquer it in 10 days like you said, I guarantee that each and every person in this country will fight you till the last breath.”

“Our army is battle-hardened and has taken on terrorism and defeated which even the best troops in the world could not do,” he commented.

Denouncing Indian PM Modi, Khan said that his move on August 5 was an egotistical move. “I can guarantee you now that Kashmir will now be independent. Before August 5, the world had forgotten about Kashmir. Even the Pakistani leaders did not talk about Kashmir, but now the entire world is talking about Kashmir.”

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“In the last six months, the issue of Kashmir has become internationalised,” Khan asserted. “Before this India used to say that the issue of Kashmir was a bilateral issue. When Pakistan used to talk about Kashmir, India used to say that talk about Azad Kashmir (New Delhi terms it as Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir).”

Khan further attacked PM Modi and said – “His [Modi’s] entire camping was based on hate. And anything which is based on hate always ends in disaster. After he won the election he said he would do that in Kashmir what was in the RSS manifesto and revoked Kashmir’s autonomy and put it under lockdown,” PM Imran said.

He added that never before in the last 50 years people had talked about the Kashmir issue but just in the span of a few months thrice the UNGA had taken up the issue of Kashmir.

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“Lawmakers in the US, UK and EU also discussed the issue of Kashmir. EU MPs also called for an end to the lockdown and the restoration of the internet in the valley,” he mentioned. “To the people of Kashmir I just want to say that our prayers are with you and I can guarantee you that you will now become independent,” he added.