3 Ways to Identify Chemically Sweetened, Artificially Ripened Mangoes

What if the mangoes that you adore are artificially ripened using dangerous chemicals? Did you ever think that the seemingly cherished mangoes that you eat may be artificially sweetened and can be Cancerous?

Mangoes in India are among the most loved fruits but artificially ripened mangoes, using chemical treatment, have been on various occasions caught by Indian health officials.

How can a consumer actually differentiate between naturally ripened mangoes and a chemically treated one?

Earlier, the Indian officials of the Food Safety Wing raided the Koyambedu market on 23rd June 2018 and seized almost 24 tonnes of mangoes that were artificially ripened using ethylene powder sachets.

The powder speeds up the ripening process to just 24 hours.

While the mango you’re eating may look fresh and aesthetically beautiful, it may be cancerous. The following considerations shall help you to differentiate between organic mangoes and ripened mangoes.

Here is how you can differentiate between artificially ripened mangoes and organic mangoes. 

1. Taste
One can easily differentiate between organic and artificially ripened mangoes. After you eat an artificially ripened mango, your taste buds will feel a slight sense of burning.

This will not be the case after you eat an organic mango. You should easily be able to differentiate between natural mango sweetness and artificially sweetened mango.

2. Juice
An artificially ripened mango will have no juice or very little juice inside. An organic mango, on the other hand, will have a lot of natural juice. This is one of the major indicators of checking out mangoes.

3. Colour
An artificially ripened mango will have a mixture of light and dark yellow colors on it. This indicates that the mango is not completely ripened. The artificially ripened mangoes will seem ripened on the outside but not on the inside. They might look attractive to the eye but will be very hazardous for your health.

Does Washing Artificially Sweetened Mango Help?

Well, it might help a little, but even after washing, the artificially ripened mangoes might still be cancerous. Not just cancer, but there are a lot of other diseases like diabetes, stomach infection, etc., which can be caused by these artificially ripened mangoes.

These mangoes in India are artificially ripened using harmful chemicals and pesticides. So, the next time you buy mangoes, the above considerations will be of great help.