Armenia Refuses to join NATO; But Will Cooperate

Armenian PM has stated in an interview that Armenia does not wish to be a part of the NATO; a western military alliance of American and European nations. The Prime Minister of Armenia said that though Armenia does not seek NATO’s membership it would continue to extend its cooperation to the 29 membered western military alliance. 

The Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan said that the reason why Armenia does not look to join the North Treat Atlantic Organisation (NATO) coalition is that Armenia is already a part of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation.

The Collective Security Treaty Organisation is a military organisation headquartered in Moscow was set up in 1992. The PM said that Armenia looks forward to participating more effectively in the Collective Security Treaty Organisation than joining NATO.

The Collective Security Treaty Organisation has 6 members and 2 observers. Armenia along with Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Krygystan, Tajikistan makes the full-time members of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation. Afghanistan and Serbia are the two observers in the Collective Security Treaty Organisation.

The Prime Minister of Armenia attended the NATO summit held in Brussels between July 11 and 12. Armenia is also a part of NATO’s Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan which is meant to assist and train the Afghan troops.

The PM said that Armenia has been cooperating with the NATO for years and will continue to do so but not seek to join the NATO. He further stated that Armenia does have some joint programs with the NATO and is also a part of the Kosovo Peacekeeping mission.

Russia Warns Finland and Sweden Against Joining NATO

As reported earlier by EurAsian Times, Russia has threatened Sweden and Finland of dire consequences and responsive measures if they go ahead with the US-led NATO. Russia said that this will affect global security and Russia will retaliate against it. Before that, Russia also threatened Georgia and Ukraine from joining NATO.

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