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Armenia EU Agreement: Armenia Celebrates Joining Europe

Armenia EU Agreement: On November 24, at the Eastern Partnership Summit in Brussels, Armenia signed the Agreement on Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership with the European Union (EU).

Many Armenian public figures in this regard declared a “holiday” on Facebook through an abundance of statuses and publications in which some thanked the Europeans for the opportunity to be part of Europe, while others said that with the signing of Armenia EU Agreement, the authorities of the country together with European officials won a victory over the fifth column. They call the fifth column people who are asking what gives Armenia a new format for cooperation with the EU and are skeptical about “philanthropic” projects from outside. It is interesting that representatives of public organizations that have been receiving grants from Western funds for their subversive activities for many years.

Armenia EU Agreement

It is this question that an ordinary person is asked if he has no relations with foreign funds that “care” for the development of civil institutions in other countries. Otherwise, if you listen to passionate fans of the European Union – Armenia will live better and richer, but it takes time because immediately and quickly nothing happens.

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Such ideas are heard by experts on human rights issues, but it is interesting that in the case of the EAEC the effect was expected instantaneously, and its absence became an occasion for total criticism. This behavior is quite consistent with the logic of the work of public figures and politicians who serve the interests of the West.

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The Armenia EU Agreement new document is, by and large, formally called upon to improve the economic state of the country through close cooperation with the EU, as well as to carry out reforms in legislation, to promote the development of civil society and human rights. It is also expected to begin the process of liberalizing the visa regime so that citizens of Armenia can get visas for visiting the EU countries.

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