T-14 Armata Tank: Russia Ready To Test World’s Most Advance Tank

The Armata Tank, a mean fighting machine, was unveiled for the very first time in 2015, at Moscow. The Defense Ministry of Russia is slated to purchase around 100 Armata Tank T-14s by 2020. The Armata Tank boasts of a highly computer integrated equipment, an un-manned turret and an independent armour capsule; making it an effective combat vehicle.

The CEO of Rostec Corporation has said that the initial tests for the much awaited T-14 Armata Tank will be completed this year, as reported by TASS. He also said that after the initial tests the testing for operations will begin. The deputy of the Russian Defense Ministry stated that a final decision on the Armata Tank contract for the Army will be made after 2020.

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Armata Tank Makes Way into the New Weapons Program

According to the 2018-27 New Weapons State Program, the Armata Tank will be produced at mass, along with long-range and front-line systems for aviation. The deputy PM of Russia said that the new weapons program is significant as it includes the scope of converting the current products in the testing phase into being produced at mass. This includes the T-14, the aviation front-line system and the improved long-range system for aviation.

Armata Tank – a promising combat vehicle

The T-14 is basically a heavy unified chassis that will be used as the foundation for a new main combat tank, a mechanised infantry battle vehicle, a carrier for armed troops and other vehicles too.

Created over the Armata chassis, the T-14 was first unveiled at Moscow’s V-Day parade in 2015. It has highly efficient combat attributes, making it one of the most significant war tanks being developed. It is a 6th technological generation combat tank, which points at the highly advanced use of science and engineering that has gone into its creation.

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