Why 2018 Will Be The Roughest Year For Apple in India?

Apple has seen a steep fall in shipments in the first half of 2018 hence witnessing a rough year in India. As per the analysts, Apple is facing a setback as the company has changed its focus from growth to profitability, and as a part of this strategy, Apple has scrapped discounts and distribution channels. Apple might be staring at its toughest year in India.

The smartphones giant witnessed a downfall by 55% between April and June, and 30% between January and March as shipments dramatically declines as per Economic Times. As per the research manager at Singapore-based research firm Canalys, Apple’s shipment will continue to fall throughout the year. The firm stated that given the weak second quarter, the market share of Apple is expected to fall for the full year.

Competition Hurting Apple in India?

In the market for premium smartphones, Apple has been traditionally strong but a resurgent Samsung and growing impetus of OnePlus will further hurt Apple India. Recently the world’s largest smartphone factory was inaugurated in Noida by Samsung which aims to double its smartphone production in India.

In the premium segment of smartphones alone, Apple’s share fell to 20% between January and March this year while it was 43% in the previous year.

Experts feel that Apple must accept and respect the heterogeneity of the growing and robust Indian market to succeed and compete with its rivals. Apple must expand its retail presence in India according to analysts. Apple must also look to manufacture more models in India itself to cut on import duties as this would give the Indian buyers a better and more reasonable price.

All analysis state that Apple is not in a very good position and this year will be very challenging for Apple. Can Apple innovate and turn around the tables to change its fortunes? Or will Apple continue to stumble in the Indian market?

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