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Another Bomb Blast Thwarted in Pakistan Targeting Railway Line

Pakistan security forces have detected and defused a live-bomb planted on a rail track near the Jungshahi railway station in Thatta averting another major terror attack in Pakistan after the recent Quetta bomb blast. 

The bomb was discovered on a train track leading to Karachi, three kilometres from the Jungshahi railway station in Thatta. A bomb disposal squad dispatched from Hyderabad safely defused the 0.5kg bomb, SSP Thatta Shabbir Sethar said.

The remote-controlled bomb could have targetted the Hazara Express and Zakaria Express scheduled on the route.

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Seven suspects were taken into custody following the incident, police added. Trains have been cleared to run from Karachi to interior Sindh and from Lahore and Rawalpindi to Karachi after the station was temporarily closed by the authorities earlier.

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