Amid US-India Blooming Ties; Washington Prepares To Take Down Indian Air Defence Systems

Indian PM Narendra Modi is on a historic visit to the US and ties between New Delhi and Washington are only getting stronger. While India has inked a contract with Russia for the procurement of the S-400 air defence systems, the US Air Force, on the other hand, is conducting drills to outsmart the Russian build S-400 air defence system which New Delhi is set to procure.

Turkey Dares US To Stop Purchase of S-400 Air Defence Systems

As reported by Sputnik International, F35 fighters of the US Air Force are conducting drills in open spaces with computer simulations to challenge to S-400 systems which India is also set to operate.

Washington was recently mocked by the Russian officials as their air defence systems failed to intercept the drone attack on Saudi Aramco, one of the world’s largest oil-producing plants.

The US developed Patriot air defence systems were breached by the alleged ‘Iranian’ drones as Saudi Aramco facilities took a hit. The US is now more than keen to find its way to sabotage the credibility of the S-400 systems being acquired by India and Turkey.

Is US Patriot Missile Losing Market Share to Russian S-400 Air Defence Systems?

The US pilots are not only preparing to fight modern systems like the S-400s but are also gearing up to be ready for the modern systems that have not been developed yet. The Pentagon is expanding its use of computer modelling and even virtual and enhanced reality prototypes for training purposes.

India has signed a contract with USD 5.43 billion with Russia for the procurement of S-400 surface to air missile defence systems. The US also went about opposing the dealing and issued threats of sanctions against the nation’s which go ahead with the acquisition of S-400 systems. India, however, went ahead with the deal and is procuring the missile defence systems worth 40,000 crores.

The S-400s are the most advanced long-range air defence system which Russia inducted into service in 2007. It is capable of destroying aircraft, ballistic missiles or any other ariel target and is considered extremely crucial for India’s security and supremacy in the region.