Amid India-China-Pakistan Tensions, Beijing To Supply ‘Armed Drones’ To Pakistan

Tensions between India and its two arch-foes – China and Pakistan are increasing as border activities heats-up. In the latest news flashing in India, China could be supplying four-armed drones to Pakistan amid raging conflict on both sides of the India border.

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A report in HindustanTimes claims that the reason China is supplying armed drones to Pakistan could be to protect the CPEC project and the new Chinese base at Gwadar port in Balochistan. Gwadar by many experts is termed as the crown of China’s $60 billion investment in CPEC under BRI initiative.

The supply of armed drones to Pakistan comes ahead of China’s plan to jointly develop 48 GJ-2 drones, the military version of Wing Loong II, designed in China for use by Pakistan’s air force, claims the HT report.

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China’s attack drone is reportedly armed with 12 air-to-surface missiles, are currently being employed by UAE-backed forces in Libya against the Turkish-backed government in Tripoli. Four of them were shot down in the last two months in Libya, according to data compiled by non-profit Drone Wars UK.

As reported by EurAsian Times earlier, in Libya both warring parties in the civil war are increasingly relying on drones to boost their fighting capabilities. The Libyan National Army has been using Chinese Wing Loong armed drones, supplied by the UAE.

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The opposing Government of National Accord has employed Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones. That same TB2s, along with heavier Anka-S ones were used by Turkey in its crushing offensive against  Syria earlier this year.

Although Chinese and Turkish drones have different capabilities compared to the more extravagant US drones, their deployment has brought a new era of deterrence and completely transformed the traditional defence policies and war mechanism.

Experts say that Pakistan could have access to both battle-proven Turkish and Chinese drones and India must quickly counter the move to have an advantage over its adversaries.