India Misses Top Spot to China for Most Alcohol Related Deaths

According to the world’s oldest and most reliable general medical journal, India stands second on the list of the nations with most alcohol-related deaths. While India stands at the second spot on the list published by the Lancet, China has topped the list. China has the highest number of alcohol-related deaths among both, males and females. China recorded 6,50,000 male deaths due to alcohol while the tally for females stands at 59,000.

India Second On The List

With 2,90000 male deaths and 42,000 female deaths, India is at the second spot on the list of nations with most alcohol-related deaths. Alcoholism is a big problem in Asia and both India and China are largely affected by the evil of alcohol. As reported by a Chinese medical information website, in China the number of alcohol consuming men are thrice the number of alcohol consuming women.

In 2016, alcohol remained the seventh largest cause of premature deaths according to the Lancet. Lancet takes into account the health burden of alcohol and alcohol consumption among people from 195 nations.

This report underlines the fact that the health burden in China and India due to consumption of alcohol is large and it applies to both the genders. In rural India, a lot of people die due to adulterated alcohol besides the long-term health impacts that alcohol consumption has on the human body.

30% of Indian Populations Consumes Alcohol Regularly: WHO

According to the World Health Organisation’s Global Status report on Alcohol and Health, 30% of India’s population consumes alcohol regularly and 11% population is comprised of moderate and heavy drinkers. An average Indian consumed around 4.5 litres of alcohol per year while in rural areas this percentage goes up to 11 per cent. The rural areas are the worst impacted by alcohol abuse and related illness. These figures are alarming and India along with China must learn its lessons well.

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