China Threatens to Block Air India over “One China Policy” on Taiwan

Air India is questioning China on its ‘One China Policy’ on Taiwan that has started to irk China. Air India along with Indian scholars and media believe that China cannot expect India to recognize Taiwan as a part of China unless China respects India’s territorial claims. Unless China does not agree with the idea of ‘One India’ can China expect India to buy the ‘One China Policy?’ 

What is the exact issue?

In April this year, the Civil Aviation Authority of China urged all airlines across the globe to change the way how they present Taiwan. It asked the airlines to change the description of Taiwan on their websites and their marketing strategies within a time frame of 30 days.

Within the stipulated time many airlines agreed to cater to China’s request on Taiwan and made the changes while some sought extension till July 25 citing technical constraints. Airlines from the United States of America and Japan, however, refused to make the changes or made changes only on the Chinese websites of their airlines.

Air India yet to make the changes

Air India has still not made the changes which were requested by China. Indian experts argue that since India does not support the one-China policy and the Indian leaders don’t talk about it extensively, India is not really obliged to cater to this request made by China in April.

What do the Chinese Exerts Say?

 Chinese scholars, on the other hand, believe that India is wrong if it equates territorial disputes with the issue of Taiwan. They believe that if certain airlines refuse to make the changes then they are supporting the idea of the independence of Taiwan and can be thrown out of the Chinese market. They assert that if the foreign nations have to do business in China then they must comply with the laws made by China.