Taliban May Run Over Afghan Government, Unless NATO Intervenes

Does the US-Backed Afghan Government face the risk of being run over by the Taliban Insurgents? After seizing the City of Ghazni from the Afghan Forces, the Taliban fighters have incurred heavy damage on the Army’s Base in Faryab and have captured a large number of soldiers and seized weaponry. Will NATO come to the rescue of Afghanistan or is the West allowing a regime change in the war-ravaged nation?

Army Base Captured By The Taliban

The Taliban fighters as per official sources have captured the army base in the northern province of Faryab. The head of the council, Mohammad Tahir Rahmani stated in Tuesday that the militants of the Taliban have captured tanks and ammunition stationed in the Chehnayeeha army base in Faryab. The army base had come under the attack of the Taliban militants on Sunday.

The head of the council stated that the army has not been able to enter the base in Faryab and that the major part of the base is still under the control of the Taliban. The Taliban fighters have butchered more than 14 soldiers to death and have wounded several others.

This Taliban offensive on the army base in Faryab coincides with the fall of Ghazni into the hands of the Taliban. The defence minister of Afghanistan confirmed yesterday that more than 100 policemen lost their lives fighting the Taliban intruders over four days of fierce battle in Ghazni.

Taliban Captures Ghazni

Ghazni had come under attack last Friday and 20 civilians were killed by the Taliban in the embattled city. The intruders from Taliban infiltrated into the homes of the civilians in the Ghazni city and launched attacks on the security forces during the night.

The Taliban as well as the government, both claim control over the Ghazni city amid the ongoing battle. The Afghanistan government had deployed more than 1000 troops to fight the intruders in Ghazni and the US too had sent its military advisers to assist the forces.

Even amid reports of resolving the long going war through dialogue, these lethal attacks on Afghanistan don’t seem to be ending any soon. The Taliban is boosting its strength and is unleashing havoc on the security forces and the government of Afghanistan. If the trend continues, the Taliban may even run over the legitimate, US-backed Afghan government.

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