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50 Taliban Fighters, Including Mullah Toofan Surrender in Afghanistan

In the changing face of the Afghanistan War, 50 Taliban fighters surrendered to the Afghan forces on Sunday. A police spokesman stated that a total of 50 insurgents and militants from the Taliban including key commander Mullah Toofan surrendered in the Qadis district. This is a big win for the Afghan forces as Mullah Toofan was among the most dangerous faces of terror in Afghanistan.

Mullah Toofan had 300 Taliban fighters working at his behest in the Qadis district over the past few years. His surrender is being termed as a big blow to the Taliban in the Qadis province and the surrounding areas. This could turn out to be a major set back to the strength and influence of the Taliban not only in Qadis but also in the entire nation.

Before this more than 100 ISIS fighters surrendered to the forces after coming under a fierce attack from the Taliban. Clashes between the Taliban and the ISIS affiliate forces in Afghanistan have been disrupting peace and stability in Afghanistan since 2014.

Afghanistan’s Ghazni was under constant attacks from the Taliban in recent days. Fighters of the Taliban and the Afghanistan forces continue to clash despite reports of a “truce” held between the US and Taliban last month in Doha, Qatar. There were reports that both have agreed to instigate a peace process and explore the possibilities of a political solution to the ongoing Afghanistan war. Yet there are frequent clashes between the Taliban and the security forces including the very recent one in Ghazni.

The war in Afghanistan has been ongoing since 2001 and has hurt development and stability in Afghanistan. There were also reports that the Taliban might join hands with the Afghanistan forces to fight a war against the ISIS fighters in Afghanistan. The dynamics of the Afghanistan war are undergoing quick transactions and it is becoming very hard to predict anything.

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