Are US Forces Supporting ISIS Terrorists in Afghanistan?

Who is supporting ISIS Terrorists in Afghanistan? What is the mystery about the unidentified helicopters providing cover to ISIS Militants in Afghanistan? In a sensational claim, the foreign ministry of Russia stated that Russia has recorded flights from unidentified helicopters which support and delivers weapons to ISIS and the Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan.

As reported by Tolo News, Russia slammed the Afghanistan security forces and the NATO and US forces in Afghanistan for not taking any concrete actions against terrorists. A Russian diplomat stated that these helicopters provide arms to militants in northern Afghanistan and Russia has time and again drew attention on this issue. The diplomat further stated that the local media in Afghanistan as well the citizens have seen these helicopters in the Sar-e-Pul province of war-torn Afghanistan.

Russian diplomated added to her assertions that these helicopters are delivering arms to the militants of ISIS and the Taliban along the borders of the Central Asian nations to which most of the Daesh intruders belong.

Russia expressed concerns about such acts and stated that it would want to know as to who is responsible for these acts in Afghanistan which the law enforcement units have failed to address. Russia further slammed the NATO command and stated that these helicopters are making flights despite the fact that the airspace of Afghanistan is under the direct control of the NATO command.

This is not for the first time that Russia has made such claims. Russia made similar claims in February as well but no one paid heed to the same. Even then Russia enquired about the origin of helicopters which are transporting terrorists to Afghanistan but the west did not answer. If there is any truth in the claims made by Russia, who is responsible for these actions taking place right under the nose of the NATO and the Afghan forces?

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