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Secret US-Taliban Meeting Held in Qatar for Peace Talks

Was US-Taliban Meeting Held in Qatar? It was long realised by the US that the Afghanistan war can only have a political solution. The Afghanistan government’s initiative to induce ceasefires was a part of creating a conducive environment for talks. A top source in the Taliban has revealed that a high ranking US official, Alice Wells, held talks with the Taliban leadership in Qatar earlier this week.

The Taliban spokesman who furnished the information on the condition of anonymity stated that the discussion ended up being useful and the atmosphere was very positive. As reported by PressTV, the Taliban said that these talks, however, cannot be called peace talks but are rather a part of the initiation to have a series of meetings for purposeful dialogue. He further added that the two sides agreed to meet again soon and hold dialogues to resolve the Afghan conflict.

A former minister in the Afghanistan government too confirmed the news of a meeting between the Taliban and the US. He confirmed that the meeting was held in Doha. The US till now has neither confirmed the meeting nor has it denied the meeting. Alice Wells was officially in Doha last week though.

After fighting a war for almost two decades, both the US and the Taliban now feel that a military solution is almost impossible. Hence the two sides are now looking to weave a political solution through dialogue. As stated by the Taliban, we can expect more and more such meeting between the US, Afghanistan and the Taliban for purposeful dialogues.

The Afghanistan war has been on since 2001 after the US invaded Afghanistan to wipe out Al Qaeda. The plan was to topple the Taliban in a bid to bring Al Qaeda to justice. Since then there has been a relentless use of force and military power all going in vain.

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