Suicide Bombing at Shia Student Centre in Kabul Kills 48; ISIS Blamed

Is ISIS behind the cowardly suicide bombings in Kabul, Afghanistan where at least 48 people were killed and several others injured? The suicide bomb attack happened outside an educational centre in the Dasht-Barachi, a Shia dominated area of Kabul. The attack happened right in front of an education centre in the western part of Kabul, which according to the community members has been carried out by ISIS militias.

Attacks on Wednesday in the Shia neighbourhood of Dasht-e-Barchi rendered dozens wounded. The same was confirmed by the spokesman of the public health ministry of Afghanistan.

The explosion triggered a gunfire initially as the security forces thought that there were more attackers involved. However, later it was discovered that the suicide bomber was the only attacker. The attack was caused by a suicide bomber on foot as confirmed by the police spokesman. The police official also stated that the bomber detonated himself inside the education centre.

Apparently, the bomber targeted the course which was being studied by young men and women together. No one has yet taken the responsibility for the attack. The President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani condemned the lethal and unfortunate attacks in a statement issued by him.

The education centre targeted by the attack specialises in preparing school students for universities. It has not yet been made clear as to how many students were present at the centre when the lethal bombing took place. The Shia community of Kabul has blamed the ISIS for the attacks and stated that it has conducted similar attacks on the past on school, mosques and other places.

The capital city of Kabul in recent times has turned out to be an unsafe place for civilians as it has been targetted time and again. On Friday the Ghazni province’s Ghazni City had come under a massive attack from the Taliban which is hardly 120 kilometres far from Kabul.

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