Russia Warns NATO Over Coming Close to Russian Borders

Russian President Vladimir Putin asserted that Moscow will respond proportionally to NATO’s provocative moves that pose a direct threat to Russia’s security. This was stated by President Putin during an address to Russian ambassadors and envoys, according to Tass.

According to the Russian President, the solution to guaranteeing security and stability in Europe lies in increasing cooperation and rebuilding confidence “rather than in building new military bases near the Russian borders.

“We will respond proportionally to hostile moves that pose an immediate threat to Russia,” Putin said. “Our counterparts who bet on mounting pressures, are trying to bring, say, Ukraine and Georgia into the alliance’s defence orbit but they should think about the potential results of such an unstable policy,” the Russian President emphasized.

“There is a need for a more positive initiative, intended at enhancing collaboration and the search for common ground,” Putin concluded, adding that he had also discussed the matter with US President Donald Trump at their meeting in Helsinki.

EU Worried by Russian Invasion of Europe and NATO

Is the European Union Really Worried by possible Russian Invasion of Europe and dismantling the NATO? As EurAsian Times reported earlier, Italy’s new pro-Russia government has caused cracks in the NATO as the US-EU led defence alliance is seeking additional measures to prevent what it calls a Russian Invasion of Europe.

Italy’s new government plans to develop closer ties with Moscow and to reverse sanctions imposed on Russia after Crimean annexation. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said Italy will continue to remain a strong American ally and a NATO member, but at the same time will seek re-approachment with Moscow as sanctions were crippling the Italian economy.

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