Turkey Could Buy Another Batch Of S-400 Missiles From Russia

Russia could sell another batch of S-400 air defence systems to Turkey. This was stated by Deputy Prime Yury Borisov in an interview to Rossiya-24.

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“Turkey opted for S-400 air defence systems because it is the best in the world. Generally speaking, Russian air defence systems are head and shoulders above their foreign rivals. The situation in Saudi Arabia, where drones attacked oil refineries clearly demonstrated the incompetence of western defence systems. Patriot and other defence systems failed, while continued attacks against our base Khmeimim are invariably repelled by our air defences,” Borisov stated, adding that Pantsir performed very well.

Turkey’s acquisition of the Russian S-400 missiles shocked its NATO allies. The US argues there is a risk that sensitive technological information could be leaked to Russia if it is used alongside NATO equipment like the F-35 jet.

Turkey had ordered 100 F-35s from the US and its defence industry was part of the supply chain for the new jet until it was kicked off the programme due to the S-400 purchase.

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The US was reluctant to impose sanctions on once key-all Turkey over the purchase, with the US officials affirming that Ankara could be spared if it does not go ahead with the S-400 system – a proposal rejected by President Erdogan.

Earlier,  Turkish Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar asserted that the S-400s missiles will operate in an autonomous “stand-alone mode” that does not require their integration with the NATO air defence system. The US, however, made it clear that the complete rejection of the S-400s is a prerequisite to defreeze ties and lift sanctions.