Indian Army Develops Anti-Sniper Bullet Proof Vests

Indian Army officer has claimed to develop a bulletproof jacket named Sarvatra that can effectively stop bullets from sniper rifles attacks. Indian Army troops posted along the LOC face indiscriminate attacks from Pakistani sniper especially at the forward posts.

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As per Indian New Agency – ANI, We have developed the level-4 bulletproof jacket that has been developed at the college of military engineering, Pune and can provide full-body protection against sniper rifle bullets. We are the only third country in the world to have that ability, Maj Anoop Mishra said.

The officer was awarded the Army Design Bureau Excellence Award by Army Chief General Bipin Rawat at the Army Technology Seminar on Monday.

Asked on the importance of such a bulletproof vest, Major Mishra said after the sniper attacks on the Line of Control and the Kashmir valley, there was the need for full-body protection that needs to be provided to the Indian Army troops.

Major Mishra said the bullet-proof vests has been tried and tested by the Infantry at their test facilities. Indian Army is expected to issue a tender for these full-body protection bulletproof vests which would be produced by one of the selected Indian defence industry partners.

Earlier, the Indian Army was supplied 40,000 indigenous bulletproof jackets for its troops carrying out anti-terror operations in the Kashmir valley.

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The Indian Ministry of Defence awarded the contract to provide more than 1.8 lakh bulletproof jackets to the indigenous manufacturer SMPP Limited. The jackets are being supplied to the Central Ordnance Depot in Kanpur from where they will be sent to Jammu and Kashmir and other violence-affected areas.

SMPP claimed that the bulletproof jackets can resist hardcore steel ammunition fired from an AK-47 rifle. “Our jackets are so strong that they can take on the most dangerous ammunition from AK-47. It is known as the hard steel core ammunition which has got great penetrative power. Our jacket can absorb its impact,” SMPP spokesperson asserted.

Via: ANI