While Everyone Looks at Syria, US Prepares for War in Europe

After the US withdrew from Syria, Russia, Turkey and the Syrian Government filled the vacuum. And while the whole world was watching (in disbelief) about the events unfolding in the Middle Eastern country, the soldiers of the first cavalry division of the US Army landed in the center of Europe. 

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As part of the Operation – Atlantic Resolve, the US troops will participate in exercises to quickly deploy troops to Eastern Europe in the event of a war with a “geopolitical opponent – Russia,” Christopher Woodywrites in Business Insider.

A feature of these manoeuvres was that the US troops landed for the first time in modern history in the Dutch city of Vlissingen, located 2 thousand kilometers from Moscow. In the US, this event was called “historical.” At the same time, part of the armament was transported to the local port on October 11th.

Vlissingen was opted because the Americans wanted to check the geographic and bureaucratic situation in the region. They want to show that they have a variety of ways to transfer troops to Europe. The operation will involve 3,500 soldiers, 85 tanks and 120 combat vehicles. The goal is also to demonstrate how quickly and efficiently NATO forces can operate.

The increased operations of the US troops in Europe shows how seriously the White House takes the Russian threat. In this case, the armed forces have a variety of problems. Laws and regulations, as well as infrastructure issues, slow down the process. All is missing: low-loader trailers, railways and paved roads, as well as bridges that can withstand heavy loads.

Europeans are trying to overcome obstacles. The North Atlantic Alliance organized a command center in the German city of Ulm for the rapid deployment of troops and equipment. The fruits of these efforts will be shown by unprecedented US Army exercises in Europe next year. They will be attended by 37 thousand soldiers from 18 countries.

Operation Atlantic Resolve is ongoing efforts in response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine, mainly in Donbass. It is funded under the European Deterrence Initiative. In the wake of Russia’s 2014 intervention in Ukraine, the U.S. took several immediate steps to enhance the deterrence posture along NATO’s eastern flank, including augmenting the air, ground and naval presence in the region, and enhancing previously scheduled exercises.

The U.S. is taking measures to enhance NATO military plans and defence capabilities and remains committed to maintaining a persistent presence in Central Europe and Eastern Europe.