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MiG-29 Jets Prove ‘Right Choice’ For The Indian Air Force After It Wreaks Havoc In Libya

After the recent display of Mig-29s prowess in Libya, it has been proven that India’s decision to purchase MiG-29s in the midst of a scuffle with China was correct and that the Russian jet still remains as potent as ever.

Afghanistan Vows Revenge After Pakistani Indiscriminate Shelling Kills 9 People In Kandahar

The shellings, however, are not just limited to Afghanistan. The Pakistan army also resorted to heavy firing and mortar shelling in the forward areas along the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir's Poonch district on Tuesday.

Chinese Military Experts Slam India Over Rafale Jets ‘Hyped-Up’ Propaganda

After almost every Indian media house claimed that the newly acquired Rafale jets were far superior to China's J-20 aircraft, Chinese experts have slammed...

After Rafales, Upgraded LCA Tejas Will Be Next Addition To The Indian Air Force

HAL is building a third Tejas production line, to be set up this November, and this will roll out the two-seat trainer variants of the jet. The line will build a total of 18 LCA trainers that will commence deliveries from November 2021 onwards

North Korea: South Korean General Sacked Over Defector’s Return

A South Korean marine major-general was relieved of his command after the military failed to prevent a man's illegal defection back to the North,...

India Still Wary Of Offending China; Wants Russia To Join US Naval Alliance Aimed At Beijing

Earlier this year, Russia alleged that the Indo-Pacific initiative is aimed at containing China's influence in the region. However, India and the US refuted the claim saying that it wasn't aimed at excluding any nation and is a "principled vision".

Why Pakistan’s Entire Fleet Of F-16s, JF-17s Is At High-Risk With The Arrival Of Rafale Jets?

The foreign office of Pakistan recently issued a statement saying that acquisition of nuclear-capable Rafale jets was a clear indication that India was amassing military capabilities beyond its security needs.

Belarus Accuses Russia of Plotting Terror Attack to Destabilize Country Before Presidential Elections

Belarus has accused 33 mercenaries from Russia of plotting a terror attack ahead of the Presidential elections to destabilize the country. The Russian mercenaries...

UK Welcomes EU Sanctions Against China, Russia, North Korea

The UK on Thursday welcomed a recent decision by the EU to impose sanctions on North Korea, China and Russia under the bloc's cyber sanctions regime. The...

Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries Grows By 31%, Beating All Predictions & Estimates

The Mumbai-based firm, which is owned by Asia's richest man, Mukesh Ambani, said its consolidated net profit for the three months through June 30 rose to 132.33 billion rupees ($1.77 billion) from 101.04 billion rupees reported for the same period last year.

British Airways To Restart Pakistan Flights As COVID-19 Cases Go Down

British Airways on Thursday announced it would restart flights to Pakistan after COVID-19 cases gradually began declining in the Islamic Republic. In a statement issued...

Rafale Jets: Pakistan Concerned By Indian Acquisition Of Nuclear-Capable 4++ Generation Rafale Aircraft

India has bought 36 Rafale jets from France in a deal estimated to be worth $9.4 billion. All are scheduled to be delivered by the end of 2021. French firm Dassault is in competition to sell more of the jets to India, which has said it will need more than 150 more combat aircraft for its navy and air force.

Chinese J-20 ‘Mighty Dragon’ Just A Poor Copy Of US F-35 Jets – US Experts

The stealth characteristics of the J-20 are also under suspicion, say experts. The J-20 was hyped to be a highly stealthy aircraft and that it could conceal itself in operations and not be easily detected.

SPACE WAR: China Joins The US & Russia To Conquer The Final Frontier – Space

Three global superpowers - Russia, China and the US, are now battling to conquer the final frontier - Space. Space has become the ultimate...

People’s Liberation Army Militia Ambush 3 Indian Soldiers In Manipur

Three soldiers of the Assam Rifles were killed by militants in an ambush on Wednesday evening. The ambush took place in Chandel district of...

Beijing Furious As Australia-US to Increase Defence Cooperation In The South China Sea

The US and Australia have pledged to increase defence cooperation in the South China Sea (SCS). The governments of Australia and the US have...

Opportunity For China & European Union (EU) To Develop A New World Order Sans The US – Chinese Experts

The ever increasing US-China scuffle offers the European Union (EU) a fantastic opportunity to strengthen EU-China ties and focus on the development of a...

China Accepts Seizing Border Regions In Ladakh, But Accuses Indian Troops Of Violation

India-China Tensions: China-India border conflict provided the US with an ideal opportunity to pull India towards the west and to help it contain China. The US sowing dissonance between China and India will undermine the settlement of border disputes and the development of China -India ties.

India Biggest Borrower From China-Based Bank For COVID-19 Relief Fund

India has emerged as the top borrower from the Beijing based Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) bank with a whopping $4.5 billion in loans...

France Overwhelmed With The Thumping Coverage Of Rafale Jets By Indian Media

India has bought 36 Rafale jets from France in a deal estimated to be worth $9.4 billion. All are scheduled to be delivered by the end of 2021.French firm Dassault is in competition to sell more of the jets to India, which has said it will need more than 150 more combat aircraft for its navy and air force.

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