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Indian, Chinese Army Celebrates Chinese National Day; Vow Peace, Stability On The Border

Indian and Chinese Army celebrated the Chinese National Day on Tuesday through ceremonial Border Personnel Meetings (BPM) at Nathu La in Sikkim, and Bum La and Kibithu in Arunachal Pradesh.

Defence PRO for India Lt Col P Khongsai said that the border personnel meetings have evolved into a vital platform where local issues get reviewed and are resolved thereby nurturing confidence amongst the troops on both the sides.

“This ensures the prevalence of peace and tranquillity along the LAC (line of actual control). The events commenced with the hoisting of national flags and rendition of the national anthems of both nations which was followed by a ceremonial welcome address by the respective delegation leaders,” he said.

“The delegations of both the countries interacted with each other in an environment of amity and friendship. During the interaction, the participants reaffirmed their resolve to strengthen friendship and maintain peace and tranquillity along the LAC.

Earlier, China celebrated the 70th anniversary of its founding with an enormous military parade in Beijing exhibiting some of the world’s most advanced weaponry, including DF-41 ICBM – one of the most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile in its arsenal.

Nearly 15,000 military personnel, 160 aircraft, and 580 defence equipment were paraded in the Tienanmen Square in Beijing on Tuesday, as elated crowds applauded and waved Chinese flags and President Xi Jinping presided over the event.

Helicopters flew national flags across the sky and aircraft flew in-formation to create a “70,” in honour of the 70th anniversary of the country’s founding.

The nuclear-capable DF-41 ICBM was also displayed to the world. Experts have claimed that the missile could reach the United States in just 30 minutes with up to 10 warheads for separate targets.

The DF-41 intercontinental ballistic missile is China’s most advanced intercontinental ballistic missile and it has an operational range of more than 14, 000 kilometers. DF-41 is now the world’s longest-range missile ahead of US LGM-30 Minuteman which has a reported range of 13,000 kilometers.

Also showcased were underwater vehicles — including what could be China’s first undersea drone — as well as a range of stealth drones and the giant JL-2 missile, the main weapon aboard China’s Jin-class fleet of nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines.

President Xi said on the occasion, “No force can shake the foundation of this great nation. Today, a socialist China is standing in front of the world.” Xi said China’s military would resolutely safeguard the nation’s sovereignty, security, and development interests, and firmly uphold world peace.

In remarks carried live on state television, the Chinese president further pledged that Beijing would pursue a mutually beneficial strategy of opening up, adding that China must maintain lasting prosperity and stability in Hong Kong and Macao, and promote the peaceful development of relations with self-ruled Taiwan.

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