WATCH NOW: Indian, Pakistani Fans Dancing Together; Indian Team To Get More Support For Today’s Game?

Indian & Pakistani fans were recently seen dancing together after Pakistan’s Cricket World Cup victory against New Zealand on Wednesday. Today New Zealand Faces Indian in the first semi-final match and can the Indian team expect support from the Pakistani citizens? What very may be the result, but people to people contact between two nations is immensely robust especially overseas.

Recently, a video went viral showing a couple of Pakistani and Indian fans performing the traditional Punjabi Bhangra dance together following Pakistan’s victory over New Zealand.

The two were reportedly dancing inside the Edgbaston stadium premises in Warwickshire after Pakistan handed New Zealand their first defeat of the tournament to keep their campaign in the championship alive.

The extensively circulated video received appreciation from several quarters for promoting “peace” and “brotherhood” between people of the two arch-rival neighbouring nations.  Social media fans from both countries decided to keep the cricketing rivalries aside while emphasising the importance of keeping a ‘man-to-man’ connection alive.

India and Pakistan
Source – Twitter

A few fans also mentioned how the two countries are united by their similar Punjabi culture and were separated only because of the Britishers. Both India and Pakistan have a Punjab region dominated by Punjabi language and the residents enjoy performing Bhangra dances on festive occasions.

Earlier, an Indian fan was spotted cheering for Pakistan in the stadium after the South Africa game on 23 June. So how would Pakistan support today, India or New Zealand?