Saudi Arabia, UAE Responsible for Yemen Genocide: United Nations

Are Saudi Arabia, UAE Responsible for Yemen Genocide? Amid the ongoing Yemen War, the UN has held Saudi Arabia and UAE allegedly responsible for war crimes across all parts of Yemen. The United Nations slammed the Saudi led alliance and stated that there was little evidence of any attempts made to minimise civilian casualties during their attacks on Houthi rebels.

In the report issued by the United Nations on Tuesday, the international body stated that the air raids carried out by the alliance have done the maximum damage in terms of civilian casualties incurred by Yemen.

The report further stated that by blocking Yemeni ports and airspace, the alliance might have violated the international humanitarian norms. The alliance which waged war on Yemen in 2015 has time and again denied any such allegations of war crimes and has maintained that their attacks have never targeted civilians in Yemen.

10,000+ Civilians Killed By Saudi Led Alliance – UN

According to the Yemen Data Project, out of the 16000 air raids conducted by the Saudi led alliance, one-third raids have hit non-military sites targetting the civilians. From weddings to hospitals to civil facilities, the airstrikes have killed and wounded civilians in large numbers. According to the United Nations, more than 10,000 have been killed in the attacks since 2015. But analysts say that the casualties are much higher than the UN data.

Yemeni Government Guilty Of War Crimes Too

Violations and war crimes in Yemen are still being perpetrated by the alliance according to several international organisations. The Yemen government too has been held accountable for war crimes in addition to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Experts have also requested the international organisations to stop delivering arms to parties of conflict as that could further escalate the war crimes. Repeated petitions by the international human rights group have yielded no results as the air strikes on civilian outfits still continue to incur casualties in Yemen.

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