‘World’s Toughest Fighter’: Russian Su-35 Fighter Destroys Ukrainian Military Targets With High-Precision Missiles – MoD

On January 30, the Russian defense ministry released a video displaying the crew of Su-35S aircraft from the Western Military District (ZVO) destroying enemy military targets while employing powerful missiles.  

The Russian defense ministry posted the video on its Telegram channel. The crew of the Su-35S ZVO fighters continue to destroy the enemy, using a wide range of aviation weapons,” the ministry wrote.  

The ministry further stated that the crew utilizes guided, high-precision air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles to target Ukrainian military aircraft, radar sites, and air defense systems.  

An R-37M long-range AAM can be spotted on the centerline stations of a Su-35S (Bort “72” Red assigned to the 159th Fighter Aviation Regiment) at what looks to be Kursk-Khalino Airbase, according to Guy Plopsky, a defense analyst who posted several screengrabs from the video.  

“At the moment, the Su-35 aircraft is the best fighter. I’m not afraid of that word — the toughest fighter in the world. An expanded set of weapons – both on the ground and in the air – makes it an excellent machine,” said Alexander, the deputy commander of the aviation squadron.

The Russian pilot praised the fighter jet’s maneuverability, noting that the fighter is outfitted with air-to-air missiles (long, medium, and short-range) and long-range air-to-surface missiles (against radar, stationary targets). 

The Western Military District pilot carried over 800 combat missions during the special military operation. The Order of Courage and the Nesterov Medal was bestowed upon the lieutenant colonel, reported state-run Izvestia.  

He said that the squadron’s primary duty is to overcome air defense systems, a mission he and his comrades can complete easily. Furthermore, operational and tactical aviation combat sorties are flown from temporary airfields to complete the tasks. 

The Su-35S is one of the world’s most technologically advanced Generation 4++ multirole fighters and the second-most advanced fighter in Russia after the fifth Generation Su-57. 

A snap from the video

Some aviation experts believe the Su-35 might have a good chance of downing an American F-22 Raptor or an F-35 in close-range combat due to its super maneuverability.

Russian armed forces have employed this aircraft extensively in Ukraine to attack its military sites. On December 29, a Russian Air Force Su-35S fighter reportedly downed three Ukrainian aircraft—a MiG-29 and two Mi-8 helicopters—in air-to-air combat. 

Pre-Flight Examination

The Russian pilot noted that the fighter aircraft’s weaponry is examined by experts in the aviation complex, followed by an examination of the missiles’ operational readiness by special equipment housed in the cockpit. 

The crews utilize guided high-precision missiles of various “air-air” and “air-surface” classes to disable radar stations, destroy air defense systems, and demolish the aviation equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. 

One of the most agile fighters, the Su-35S can carry up to eight tons of combat load. The Su-35S is primarily a fighter aircraft, although it also has a bomber mission capability. Its wing can accommodate airborne bombs and air-to-surface missiles. 

The fighter jet can carry a combination of short-range R-73E and medium-range R-77 missiles for air combat and various IR and radar-homing missiles for ground attack. 

The military department said that the objective control system had already documented the precision of hits in practice. The Su-30 and Su-35 are upgraded variants of the classic Sukhoi Su-27; however, they have more advanced electronics and armaments.

su-35 russia 

Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) says the Su-35 “combines the qualities of a modern fighter (super-maneuverability, superior active and passive acquisition aids, high supersonic speed and long range, capability of managing battle group actions, etc.) and a good tactical airplane (wide range of weapons that can be carried, modern multi-channel electronic warfare system, reduced radar signature, and high combat survivability).”

Most of the Russian air force’s Su-30 and Su-35 aircraft have been stationed in air facilities in Belarus, occupied Crimea, and southwest Russia for use in the war in Ukraine. The fighter jet can easily outperform the MiG-29s and Su-27s of the Ukrainian Air Force.