Women’s Rights Activists in Saudi Arabia Labelled As Agents of Iran and Qatar

Female activists who fought a long war for women rights in Saudi Arabia continue to find themselves behind the prison. Saudi Arabia driving ban on women is expected to be dissolved by the end of June. But several women who fought against this ban in Saudi Arabia have been accused of treason and are still under detention. 9 of the 17 women rights activists are still in jail and are being termed as foreign agents. 

Women Rights Activists or Traitors?

Aziza Alyousef, the face of the campaign against Saudi Arabia driving ban on women is among those still in detention. Besides her, others who stood for women rights in Saudi Arabia have also been labelled as traitors by local the newspapers.

These women who talked about women rights in Saudi Arabia have also been branded as agents of enemies, a reference to Iran and Qatar. Are they really traitors? Is that the price they will have to pay for being the voice of women rights in Saudi Arabia which continues to dwell on ultra-conservative ideologies?

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According to the public prosecutor, these women have already confessed to cooperation with individuals and organisations which are cited as being hostile to Saudi Arabia. Apparently, they have also admitted receiving financial and moral support from enemy states. Is there any truth in these assertions? Are they being avenged for raising their voice for women rights in Saudi Arabia?

Excitement Among Women

For decades, Riyadh has been defending the driving ban on women, but the ban would finally be lifted on June 24, 2018. Women are elated as they find a new freedom in the termination of this driving ban.

June 24 will mark a historic day for Saudi Arabia. Women in Saudi are ecstatic and posting pictures with their licenses on the social media feeds. There is an atmosphere of celebration ahead of the big day. But what about those who fought for it and are sitting in prisons of Saudi Arabia?

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