Naked Women Driving in Riyadh: Saudi Citizens Go Berserk, Women Flees

Who is this Naked Women Driving in Saudi Arabia? Women activists in Saudi Arabia fought a long battle for the procurement of women rights in Saudi Arabia and finally won against the ban on women driving.  But when a woman reporter went about reporting the lifting of the ban in a seemingly inappropriate attire, it sent ripples across Saudi Arabia. The name of the reporter is Shireen al-Rifaie, who has now fled Saudi Arabia, fearing persecution. 

The women reporter who was indecently dressed while reporting the lifting of the ban ultimately fled Saudi Arabia. The General Commission for Audiovisual Media, Saudi Arabia immediately ordered a probe into the matter after the reporting was aired. In the clips, she has apparently violated the norms of Saudi Arabia with her dress. She is seen wearing a loose scarf with a traditional dress which is open from the front hence revealing her blouse and trousers.

Taken from YouTube of YouTube/Amjad tv no permission Saudi TV presenter forced to flee for 'indecent dress' while talking about end of female driving ban YouTube

The commission has made it clear that the investigation will proceed despite the fact that the reporter has fled the Kingdom. The video caused a wife uproar in Saudi Arabia and conservatives termed it as an instance of a naked woman driving on the streets of Riyadh. The reporter, however, denied any such accusations and said that she was wearing decent clothes. She further added that God will reveal the truth.

The EurAsian Times earlier reported that Female activists who fought a long war for women rights in Saudi Arabia continue to find themselves behind the prison. Saudi Arabia driving ban on women is expected to be dissolved by the end of June. But several women who fought against this ban in Saudi Arabia have been accused of treason and are still under detention. 9 of the 17 women rights activists are still in jail and are being termed as foreign agents.

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