Will Afghanistan See Peace or More Blood-Shed Under Taliban Rule?

As negotiations between the US and Taliban in Afghanistan seem to be reaching a successful end, the Taliban is hopeful of returning to power. Taliban is now pushing a media campaign which is flaunting and endorsing the success of its past Islamic reign.

Afghanistan had been under the control of the dreaded Taliban from 1996 to 2001 during which it has been condemned globally due to violent authoritarian rule and brutal human rights violations.

The Resurgence of Taliban

The very fact that the US negotiating with the Taliban (on the withdrawal of its troops) means that Washington recognises the Taliban as a vital stakeholder in Afghanistan. After the withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban says that it will then negotiate with the US-backed Afghan Government often terming as a puppet government. The Taliban are certain to come in power but they could be sharing the power with the present Afghan Government.

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When the Taliban was previously in power in Afghanistan, girls and women were denied several rights including the basic right to education and there was also a complete ban on Television. While others may see the peace pact between the US and Taliban as an assurance of peace and stability in Afghanistan while the insurgent group has assured Washington from ever hosting any terror organization.

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Will the Taliban also abandon its degrading practices, harsh laws and barbaric punishment remains to be seen.

Many critics also fear that the Taliban would restore its tenure of power and unleash violence and terror once again to spread fear. However, in a statement released earlier this week, the Taliban stated that it prioritises the freedom and the prosperity of the oppressed people. The statement further added that no puppet government has been ever able to deliver progress to the people of Afghanistan.