Watch: Iran ‘Makes Public’ Its Secret New ‘Missile City’ To Counter Western Threats

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has built a new ‘missile city’, a secret military base housing a credible amount of Tehran’s offensive and deterrent missile and electronic warfare capabilities.

Iran’s state TV has aired a video of the new ‘missile city’. It showed the base housing many missiles in underground silos as well as ground-based TELs (transporter erector launchers) and electronic warfare equipment. 

The head of IRGC’s naval unit was seen in the video, which was shot carefully to avoid any disclosure of the base’s whereabouts. The facility was opened by Iran’s Chief Commander Maj. Gen. Hussein Soleimani on Monday (March 15), accompanied by the Naval Commander Rear Admiral Ali Reza Tangsiri, according to Russian news channel RT.

According to reports, this new site is among the many new underground ammunition storage facilities built by the IRGC for their ‘precious missiles’. Popularly called ‘missile cities’, these sites are closely guarded. Information about their locations is classified.

It is believed each of these facilities is capable of managing operations with (presumably) their own command and control centers. The video also showed the latest addition, the electronic warfare equipment, capable of detecting enemy signals.

It has been known that previous ‘missile cities’ housed a credible number of missile columns, launch systems, precision-guided munitions, and other military equipment.

Maj. Gen. Salami, while speaking to the media, said that the western governments’ efforts to degrade Iran’s military strength have been futile. He also praised the nation’s success in fighting off plots against the Iranian government.

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