WATCH: Donald Trump Abruptly Ends Press Conference After Spat With A Female Journalist

Donald Trump abruptly ended a press conference on COVID-19 testing after a fiery, racial spat with a journalist who inquired why he had advised her to ask China about the global death rate.

The press conference took a sharp turn when CBS News reporter Weijia Jiang questioned US President Donald Trump on why he appears, at times, to view the COVID-19 pandemic as a “global race” on matters like countries’ death tolls and tests distributed.

Donald Trump advised Jiang to “go ask China” the same question. When Trump attempted to call on another reporter, Ms Jiang dropped her facemask and asked if there was a reason he was asking her this  (since the reported was of Asian origin).

The president did not answer the key question and was instead directing all reporters to press China on the origins of the virus.

Later, CNN’s Kaitlin Collins, whom the Trump had called on, approached with her question, but Donald Trump shot her down various times. “But you called on me,” Collins said. When she kept attempting to ask a question even as he called on another journalist, Donald Trump abruptly ended the press conference.

Earlier, Donald Trump was incapable of answering Americans when they will have the similar access to COVID-19 tests as his own White House staff, suggesting the nation has “prevailed” on testing despite critics debating the opposite.